Moore of the Same

“Moore has the unique history of being removed from the state Supreme Court not once but twice: first, over his refusal to remove a monument to the Ten Commandments on public land despite a federal court order; and second, when he refused to enforce federal rulings on marriage equality. He’s also become known over the years for his complaints that the United States has ‘legalized sodomy’ and for suggesting that 9/11 might have been a punishment for turning away from Christianity.” And last night, he won the Alabama Senate primary, even though Trump backed his opponent. After the votes were tallied, Trump went back and deleted a bunch of his tweets that supported Moore’s opponent. (No, really…) Here are a few Moore quotes to give you an idea of what a defeat this was for the GOP establishment.

+ The NYT on the resignation of the acting head of the DEA. “The acting head of the Drug Enforcement Administration will resign at the end of the week, according to law enforcement officials, who said he had become convinced that President Trump had little respect for the law.”

+ Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s private plane controversy is getting worse (his trips included visits with colleagues, lunch with son). Will Trump fire him? “We’ll see.”

+ Price’s plane travel marks the day’s biggest story about a cabinet member. But not the weirdest. From WaPo: EPA spending almost $25,000 to install a soundproof phone booth for Scott Pruitt. (The swamp hasn’t been drained. But at least you can’t hear it anymore.)

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