Weekend Whats

What to Stream: I watch a ton of music festivals. But I almost always do it from the comfort of my own couch. This weekend, I’ll be watching several NextDraft-approved bands performing at Lollapalooza via RedBull TV. On Thursday, Cage the Elephant absolutely crushed it, so keep your eyes peeled for replays.

+ What to Watch: Money laundering, shady dealings, bad hombres … talk about a show for our times! Check out Jason Bateman and Laura Linney in Ozark on Netflix.

+ What to Read: Counterfeit goods made in China cost American companies a massive amount of money. “Some corporations that manufacture in China – Disney, Target, Coca-Cola, Apple, Mattel – rely primarily on in-house brand-protection agents to seize fake goods, investigate counterfeit manufacturers, and take legal action. And as evidenced in various news reports, a slew of other Fortune 1000 companies – reportedly including Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Procter & Gam­ble, and Ford — hire Pinkerton, America’s oldest detective agency, to deploy agents like Azim Uribe.” From California Sunday Magazine: To Catch a Counterfeiter.

+ What to Doc: Following his heated Statue of Liberty exchange this week, Trump-advisor Stephen Miller was all over the news. To understand more about him, check out Vanity Fair’s look at how Stephen Miller rode white rage from Duke’s campus to Trump’s West Wing. And then watch the very interesting ESPN documentary on the Duke lacrosse case: Fantastic Lies.

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