“We are taking a stand … This culture of leaking must stop.” So said Jeff Sessions as Trump’s justice department announces increased efforts in their battle against leaks. “We respect the important role that the press plays and will give them respect, but it is not unlimited.”

+ One bit of news the administration wants to get out is the latest jobs report. America has added a million jobs since Trump took office. Trump once pledge that he’d be “the greatest jobs president that God ever created.” So let’s see where he ranks so far.

+ As Trump heads off for a vacation from DC, twenty legal experts chime in on how worried he should be about Mueller impaneling a grand jury.

+ One thing Trump won’t be doing is making recess appointments. The Senate just blocked him from doing so. (This act is not that rare. Except when it’s your own party doing it.)

+ And in case you need a reminder that every Trump news day is a weird news day, there’s this from WaPo: Secret Service vacates Trump Tower command post in lease dispute with president’s company.