What to Hear: The New Orleans rocker Benjamin Booker made this section a little over a year ago with his debut album. And he’s back with a new album called Witness that is earning rave reviews. Check it out on Spotify, NPR, or your music source of choice. And here’s Booker in Interview Mag.

+ What to Read: “He rarely went home to his family. At night, he crawled into the back of his cab and slept in the company parking lot. For all of that, he took home as little as 67 cents a week.” USA Today with an exposé on truckers who basically function as indentured servants. Rigged: Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing. And from Bloomberg: These truckers work alongside the coders trying to eliminate their jobs.

+ What to Spread: The Atlantic has a podcast on Peanut Butter: “The spread that’s poisonous to a growing number of people also is the basis of a medical therapy that saves the lives of millions of children.”