“I’m cycling between rage and just sadness.” With many Americans currently fixated on health care debate, the NYT takes a look at what happens when a pharma company comes up with a potentially useful drug for a child’s potentially fatal illness — but that drug costs a million dollars a year: Insurers Battle Families Over Costly Drug for Fatal Disease.

+ The NYT Upshot offers up a diagnosis of the issue at the heart of the health care bill: “The Affordable Care Act gave health insurance to millions of Americans by shifting resources from the wealthy to the poor and by moving oversight from states to the federal government. The Senate bill introduced Thursday pushes back forcefully on both dimensions.”

+ Buzzfeed: The new health care bill would mean big cuts for opioid addiction treatment.

+ Women were left out of the room when the Senate bill was created. And they were pretty much left out of the bill itself.

+ A funny thing happened on the way to repeal and replace: A majority of Americans now say they like Obamacare. That’s a first.