What to Doc: I’ve been waiting all week to share this documentary with you. Trust me, if you really want to understand how we got here and what the hell has been going on in DC, then stop everything and watch Get Me Roger Stone. You think you don’t want to spend any more time on politics, but you won’t be able to turn this off. And that’s part of the point.

+ What to Watch: These are the girls running as fast as they can to be Jamaica’s new sprint champions in a country obsessed with its athletes. From The Guardian: The Sprinter Factory.

+ What to Read: “Privately, some employees expressed optimism, conceding that Etsy’s budgets had indeed been rather generous, but publicly the mood among the staff was funereal. ‘I’m not crying,’ wrote Katherine Daniels, a senior engineer. ‘I’m just allergic to capitalism.” Bloomberg with an interesting and entertaining look at the intersection of a B Corp, Brooklyn, and the Bottom line: The Barbarians Are at Etsy’s Hand-Hewn, Responsibly Sourced Gates.