“Clapper, on the screen, pauses several beats to search his memory. ‘Ah, he’s choking. Ah, look,’ the President says. After a delay, Clapper finally answers, admitting that he had requested an unmasking, which would have been a routine occurrence in his former job. The running Trump commentary continues. ‘See the people in the back, people are gasping,’ he says … Moments later, the President watches as both Clapper and Yates testify that they had reviewed intercepts containing the unmasked identities of Trump, his associates and members of Congress. This, to Trump, is yet another victory, the lead-lined proof of his still unproven claim that Obama surveilled him before he was sworn in. ‘So they surveilled me,’ he says. ‘You guys don’t write that—wiretapped in quotes. They surveilled me.'” From Time, a very interesting look at Trump in his element, and in a controlled setting with reporters: Donald Trump After Hours.