For much of the world, the broader storyline of Emmanuel Macron’s victory over Marine LePen is that globalism stopped the momentum of nationalism. But the French election was about more than that, and Macron’s win will be studied not just in terms of policy, but in terms of strategy. “Macron’s extraordinary path to victory is the story of a candidate that chose to be bold –- and to break, on his way to power, many of the conventional rules that have defined the European politics of late.” From Buzzfeed: 6 Ways Emmanuel Macron Rewrote The Script of European Politics.

+ “It’s entirely unprecedented in the Fifth Republic. It’s extraordinarily unusual, the way he has broken through the system — coming from nowhere.” WaPo:
Emmanuel Macron’s unlikely path to the French presidency.

+ “He faces two main problems — a complete lack of representation in parliament and a deeply divided country.” For Emmanuel Macron, now comes the hard part.

+ “Instead, biographer Anne Fulda has written, they thought he had a crush on Laurence Auzière, a girl in his class at school. It was, in fact, her mum he was falling for.
When his parents found out, the account continues, they asked her to stay away from him until he was 18. ‘I can’t promise anything,’ she said.” BBC: Meet Brigitte Macron, the new first lady.