What to Book:: I’m about halfway through Ethan Canin’s A Doubter’s Almanac, and I can’t wait to finish typing this and get back to it. It’s a story about a mathematician that even an English major can love.

+ What to Read: “I’m sitting across from Rachel Dolezal, and she looks… white. Not a little white, not racially ambiguous. Dolezal looks really, really white. She looks like a white woman with a mild suntan, in box braids — like perhaps she’d just gotten back from a Caribbean vacation and decided to keep the hairstyle for a few days ‘for fun.'” Did we really need one more story about Rachel Dolezal? It turns out the answer is yes: The Heart of Whiteness.

+ What to Watch: The Seven Five is a very interesting documentary about (and featuring) one of NYC’s dirtiest cops, ‚ÄéMichael Dowd.