Ahead of this weekend’s marches for science taking place in DC and across the country, let’s focus on the — still somehow controversial — topic of climate change. And in a twist, we’ll start with a positive (but don’t get used to it): Today will be the first day the UK was powered without coal since the industrial revolution.

+ “Eight countries control land in the Arctic Circle. Five have coastlines to defend. The temperature is rising. The ice is melting. The race for newly accessible resources is beginning. And Russia is gaining ground.” Bloomberg: How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything.

+ “On the most fundamental level, Kahn argues, we are already adapting to climate change through a kind of tacit acquiescence, the way people in a city like Beijing accept that simply breathing the air outside can make them sick. ‘People are aware — they’re coughing and wheezing … but they’re not staging political revolutions.” From the NYT Mag: Our Climate Future Is Actually Our Climate Present.

+ Don’t believe the scientists? Well, perhaps you’ll believe the insurance companies. Also from the NYT: When Rising Seas Transform Risk Into Certainty.

+ “The problem is about to get worse, experts say, as cheap, tiny satellites are shot through the stratosphere in unprecedented numbers. Worst-case scenario: a massive, unstoppable, chain-reaction traffic wreck above our heads. So much for escaping Earth to distant galaxies.” From WaPo: Thousands of tiny satellites are about to go into space and possibly ruin it forever.