“King and Smith, who are thirty-two and thirty-one, respectively, had grown up watching Saturday Night Live sketches in which a sweaty, frantic Chris Farley character ranted, ‘I am thirty-five years old, I am divorced, and I live in a van down by the river!’ But, the way Huntington described it, living in a vehicle sounded not pathetic but romantic. ‘I remember coming home and telling my mom, ‘I have something to tell you,’ King said. ‘She thought I was going to say we were getting married or having a baby. But I said, ‘We’re going to live in a van.'” The New Yorker’s Rachel Monroe with everything you need to know about the emergence of a new lifestyle brand: Vanlife, The Bohemian Social-Media Movement. (Back in the day, we used to call this lifestyle brand ‘being broke.’)