OK, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. As just about the entire world now knows, an Oscars envelope snafu led to the wrong film being named as Best Picture. Somehow Warren Beatty got the wrong envelope (we might need a new Warren Commission to figure out exactly how that happened). He paused. He showed it Faye Dunaway (to show her it was a mistake) and she, not realizing Beatty’s intent, announced the wrong winner; thus overshadowing what was actually an excellent telecast led masterfully by the pitch-perfect Jimmy Kimmel. Here’s a minute by minute breakdown of the breakdown. (Sunday night might have been the first time in his life that Warren Beatty wanted to change the subject to Ishtar.)

+ The La La Land team accepted the Oscar for Best Picture and then had to immediately hand their trophies over to the producers of the actual winning picture, Moonlight. (See, that’s what’s wrong with society today. Everyone gets a trophy!) Let’s look on the bright side. Every kid who’s been getting a nonstop lesson on being a bad sport just got a lesson in being a good one from Jordan Horowitz. Let no American ever dispute the truth of this news: Jordan Horowitz, Mensch.

+ PriceWaterhouse Coopers issued an apology and vowed to investigate the error. (Remember when we thought 2016 was weird?)

+ “Even without the on-stage mix-up, it would have been a shocker for the history books.” The LA Times on Moonlight’s unlikely win.

+ Here’s a list of all the winners.