Monday, November 14th, 2016


What the Hell Just Happened?

It's morning (or mourning, depending on your political leanings) in America, and the country is taking a good look at itself in the mirror. We may not know exactly what Donald Trump believes, or precisely what he will do. But we do know that he's the greatest media savant of our lifetimes. He can feel what people want to hear and he delivers that message. This election told us a lot about what millions of people wanted to hear. Much of it worth listening to. Much of it horrific. So let's take a look at issues from segregation, racism and hate, to the ignored working class whites and the all-powerful (and ever widening) economic divide: What the Hell Just Happened.

+ "There are many reasons for our troubles. But the deepest reason is inequality: the forms of political, cultural, and economic polarization that have been widening, not narrowing, for decades. Inequality, like slavery, is a chain that binds at both ends." That is The New Yorker's Jill Lepore who is one of sixteen writers who share their thoughts on Trump's America.

+ "What they want is what my father-in-law had: steady, stable, full-time jobs that deliver a solid middle-class life to the 75% of Americans who don't have a college degree. Trump promises that. I doubt he'll deliver, but at least he understands what they need." Joan C. Williams in the Harvard Business Review: What So Many People Don't Get About the U.S. Working Class.

+ Frank Bruni in the NYT: The Democrats Screwed Up.

+ WaPo: Trump's win may be just the beginning of a global populist wave. (Mavericks is a wave. This is a tsunami.)


We Need Some Edits

I call this publication NextDraft because journalism has been called the first rough draft of history. Well, depending on where you're getting it, there's another way to refer to news: Fiction. The fake news problem is real, and it's big. Facebook knows it's a problem. And they have considered fixes. From Gizmodo: facebook's fight against fake news was undercut by fear of conservative backlash.

+ This is time of great challenge for the news industry. And it just lost one if its most respected warriors. Gwen Ifill has died at age 61. During an award ceremony last year, Ifill left us with this message: "We can't expect the world to get better by itself. We have to create something we can leave the next generation." She definitely did that.


The New Swamp

President-elect Trump has named Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to be his chief of staff. But the naming of Stephen K. Bannon as chief strategist at the White House is the appointment everyone is talking about. From WaPo: Trump faces backlash over appointing Bannon as a top aide, a choice critics say will empower white nationalists.

+ To catch up on Bannon, here's a look back at a primer on Steve Bannon and the alt-right.

+ Here are some of the headlines published by Breitbart under Bannon's watch

+ In his 60 Minutes interview, Trump talked Obama, the coming deportations, social media and more. You can watch it here.

+ Obama says Trump is committed to NATO.

+ In a phone call, Trump and Putin agree to improve relations.


Destiny’s Mild

"At least for heart attacks it's pretty clear that DNA is not destiny. You have pretty good control over your own health." It's certainly not good news if you are genetically inclined to have heart issues. But a recent study found that when it comes to heart risks, your DNA is not your destiny.


Where Do I Plug This In?

"Housing used to be about ‘them' -- like poverty or unemployment. But it has become so expensive in the Bay Area that housing now touches enough people to win elections." The NYT visits Mountain View, CA, to see how the city is facing the housing crisis sweeping the Bay Area: Teslas in the Trailer Park.

+ "If they were anywhere else in Beijing, the five young women in cowboy hats and matching red, white, and blue costumes would look wildly out of place. But here at the city's biggest international property fair -- a frenetic gathering of brokers, developers and other real estate professionals all jockeying for the attention of Chinese buyers -- the quintet of wannabe Texans fits right in." From Bloomberg: The world's biggest real estate binge is coming to a city near you.


Mother Nature: The Ultimate Autocrat

"Climate change is not like other issues that can be postponed from one year to the next. The US and world are already behind; speed is of the essence, because climate change and its impacts are coming sooner and with greater ferocity than anticipated." The UN with a look at the weather: 2016 will be the hottest year on record. President Obama has been reminding us that "no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning." And he's right. There will be no atmosphere to protect us and we'll burn to death. But the sun will rise.

+ Interesting video: Watch humans go from a tiny group in Africa to 7 billion around the world, in 5 minutes.


The Oakland Alefs

"How did this pair of Israeli psychologists come to have so much to say about these matters of the human mind that they more or less anticipated a book about American baseball written decades in the future? What possessed two guys in the Middle East to sit down and figure out what the mind was doing when it tried to judge a baseball player, or an investment, or a presidential candidate? And how on earth does a psychologist win a Nobel Prize in economics?" From Vanity Fair: After his book Moneyball became a best-seller, Michael Lewis learned that many of the ideas it presented to the general public had actually been introduced decades earlier by a pair of Israeli psychologists: Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky.


Kiwi Quake

Many people are stranded in parts of New Zealand after a strong earthquake damaged roads and rails. From NPR, after a powerful quake, tourists, residents (and cows) stranded in New Zealand. The video of the cows is quite remarkable.



"Once you see it, you can't unsee it. It's the worst secret ever. The blinding light of photographer's flashes obliterates the screen repeatedly throughout some of the most televised moments in history ...Also a secret, for a whole different set of reasons, is that the fix he devised has untold neurological performance benefits that touched off a new area of scientific study, benefiting everyone from modern soldiers to Stephen Curry and Kawhi Leonard." ESPN's Tom Haberstroh explains how some top NBA players train their brains using strobe lights. (I train for NextDraft by having strangers yell in my face for a few hours.)


Bottom of the News

Now more than ever, the Internet needs a Superhero. And it could be you. The new NextDraft T-shirts are here and will be shipped in time for the holidays. Let the world know that you are an Internet Superhero.

+ These photos strongly suggest that the Supermoon is pretty damn super. (That said, I remain a Super Moon denier.)

+ Miyazaki is coming out of retirement to make one more movie.

+ My post-election jaw drop was pretty impressive, but the Texas A&M Gymnastics team just won the Mannequin Challenge.

+ You stop to help a motorcyclist on the side of the road. And it turns out to be Bruce Springsteen. (For me, it might be better to meet him when he's having trouble setting up a website.)