Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo, I’ve got another edition for you. But today’s news won’t be quite the same, since Gene Wilder has stepped out of the frame. Gene Wilder made many of us smile and feel good a whole lot of times. But there was something more to his magic. He was one of those people you felt you knew through his movies, and you could tell he was a good guy. Gene Wilder was the diametric opposite of an Internet troll. He suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and likely forgot many of the performances the rest of us never will. Gene Wilder has died. (Strike that. Reverse it.)

+ Wilder kept his Alzheimer’s a secret so kids wouldn’t know that Willy Wonka was sick.

+ He came up with the idea of giving Willy Wonka a limp. Here’s why.

+ Remembering Wilder through his five greatest performances.

+ Go home and hug your sheep tonight.