It’s somehow fitting that the biggest Olympic controversy is over a robbery. Swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen said they were robbed at gunpoint. A Brazilian judge says their stories don’t add up and demanded Lochte’s passport (he’s already back in the US). Maybe it was another guy with greenish hair?

+ OK, maybe that’s not the biggest controversy in Rio. From the BBC: Olympic pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita denies the claim (and visual evidence) that his penis hit the crossbar. (At least he wasn’t competing in Javelin…)

+ The Olympics doesn’t end for a few more days, but many of the volunteers have already gone home.

+ NPR: Olympic athletes prove that older doesn’t have to mean slower. (I wish I had the energy to offer a counterpoint.)

+ “There was nowhere in the country that I could train. I was completely alone, no other throwers to train alongside. No coach. For a while I was very low. Everyone is Kenya is a runner, running was all that mattered. But I was determined not to quit and eventually I had an idea.” What was Kenyan Javelin Thrower Julius Yego’s idea to get better at Javelin? Checking out YouTube videos.