What to Read: From David Sheinin in WaPo: How Katie Ledecky became better at swimming than anyone is at anything. (No pressure, Katie.) Plus, Michael Phelps’ Final Turn.

+ What to Stream: Forget soccer. The biggest thing out of Iceland these days is a band call Kaleo. You’re gonna listen to their debut album. Then see them on tour. Then realize you’ll never be able to see them in a small theater again and think to yourself, “Damn, that Dave was right again.” You can start with their hit, Way Down We Go, check out a studio performance of I Can’t Go on Without You, and catch them on KEXP.

+ What to Doc: Chef’s Table on Netflix. Start with the Grant Achatz episode. And you don’t need to be into cooking shows. Trust me.

+ What to Book: You didn’t think you needed a TV version of Fargo, but Noah Hawley proved you wrong in a very big way. And his latest book will also provide much pleasure. Get Before the Fall now, and thank me later.

+ What to Steal: Courtesy of Chris Messina (of hashtag creation fame), this is my laptop desktop pattern for pride weekend in SF.

+ What to Wear: There are only a few hours left to score your NextDraft Internet Superhero T-Shirt. It’s impossible not to get laid wearing one of these.