I don’t want to be critical at a moment like this, but last year’s Steph Curry sort of got embarrassed by this year’s Steph Curry. The best got that much better. He finished the season averaging over 30 points a game and hit more than 400 three-pointers while leading the Warriors to the most wins in NBA regular season history. As ESPN’s excellent Ethan Strauss points out: This wasn’t supposed to happen. (If you add up the distance of all Steph’s three-pointers this season, it would be almost as wide as the smile on the average Warriors fan’s face.)

+ I wrote up a quick (and wildly accurate) Oral History of the Warriors Record Season.

+ The Warriors are the greatest NBA team, and the most likable.

+ And I’m pretty sure this is the most effective Aeron Chair ad ever

+ In equally amazing NBA news (well, almost), Kobe Bryant ended his career by dropping in sixty points.