December 3rd – The Day’s Most Fascinating News

Three Hundred Fifty Five

America’s new version of Groundhog Day is a horror film. The mass shooting that killed fourteen people in San Bernardino was the 355th in the U.S. so far this year. It was also the second mass shooting that occurred on Wednesday.

+ “Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, left their 6-month-old daughter with Mr. Farook’s mother, telling her they were going out for a doctor’s appointment.” The NYT on the day that shocked San Bernardino.

+ The FBI takes over the investigation as Obama says it’s “possible” this was terrorism. Twelve pipe bombs were found in the couple’s apartment.

+ Buzzfeed is tracking the latest.


Service Without a Smile

“A man masquerading as a member of Congress walked into a secure backstage area without being properly screened and spoke with President Obama at an awards dinner last fall. Five days later, a woman walked backstage unchecked at a gala dinner where Obama was a featured guest. Months after that, two people strolled unnoticed past a Secret Service checkpoint into the first layer of the White House grounds.” Carol Leonnig reports on the various breaches that were revealed in a new report that describes a Secret Service in crisis.


Born in Arizona, Moved to Babylonia

There are currently Iraqi fighter pilots flying over Arizona. They’re being trained to fight ISIS in their home country. “We have to be so precise in order to not have collateral damage, not hit civilians. When we get back home, it’s our own cities that we will bomb.”

+ WaPo: In historic decision, Pentagon chief opens all jobs in combat units to women.


My Baby She Read Me a Letter

“If you choose to let this money destroy your initiative and independence, then it will curse you and my action in giving it to you will have been a mistake.” Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t the first mogul to send a letter to his child (although most waited until they could read). Here are few other examples. After putting 99% of his Facebook stock into an LLC aimed at doing good in the world, Zuck still has about $1.5 billion left. (In the Bay Area, that means public school for Max.)


My Unbiased Opinion

The What Hurts podcast is back with a new episode in which Phil Bronstein and I discuss issues related to bias in the news, Zuckerberg’s gift, reporting sodomy to the SEC, and the agony of choosing the wrong day to leave a game early. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Or check it out on the What Hurts website.


Bringing Blades to a Gun Fight

“As a matter of common sense at the time the fatal shots were fired, the possibility of the death of the person behind the door was clearly an obvious result. And in firing not one but four shots, such a result became even more likely.” So said a South African appeals court judge as he overturned a previous ruling and declared that Oscar Pistorius is indeed guilty of murder.


San Fernando Values

James Deen is one of the adult industry’s few crossover artists. He’s also been accused of sexual assault by several of his co-stars. Here’s Vox on The sexual assault allegations against p*rn star James Deen. It will be interesting to see how mainstream media covers a story about a community we all like to pretend isn’t mainstream. (I only watch for the articles.)

+ Amanda Hess: James Deen Was Never a Feminist Idol.


Steph Infection

The Warriors set a new record for consecutive wins to begin an NBA season. And they still haven’t stopped. The team is currently 20-0. And what their star Steph Curry is doing on the basketball court is officially ridiculous. From Five Thirty Eight: Stephen Curry Is The Revolution.

+ And they’ve managed to maintain this entire streak without having their head coach on the court. The Guardian on the amazing run of Luke Walton.


Remote Control

NY Mag takes a look at the most popular U.S. TV shows in 18 countries around the world. I’m not sure we’re putting our best content forward.


Bottom of the News

A new study found that lots of people think complete nonsense is profound. Ironically, there’s a lot of overlap between these people and the ones who believe study results.

+ Can something be so cute that it inspires violence. (You know that thing where you hug your cat with increasing pressure until he meows? It’s that.)

+ Analyzing every technique used in Rocky’s training montages. (I’ve been beating the meat since 1976.)

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