“He says what he means and he means what he’s saying. He ain’t going to say he’s sorry. Sometimes he likes to say things not politically correct, but they all better get used to that. The people who do speak politically correct have been losers.” (OK, it’s hard to argue with all of that…) GQ’s Drew Magary goes to Iowa to try to figure out what kind of people would vote (like, seriously vote) for Donald Trump.

+ Ezra Klein on the media’s five stages of grief over Donald Trump. I’m guessing that stage six will be the acceptance that covering this sideshow is a lot more fun than covering the regular election. Ultimately, Donald Trump is guilty of making a mockery of this mockery.

+ During every election cycle we’re sure that we are hitting new lows. But there’s always someone like Yale’s Joanne B. Freeman to remind us that this is all just a part of the long history of political idiocy.