Monk-y Business

When to wake up. How much to exercise. Who to emulate. What to eat. Sooner or later, just about every human behavior is molded and manipulated into a piece of advice on how to succeed in business. So don’t be distracted by the fact that corporate America has fully bought into mindfulness. It’s hardly a surprise (especially since your CEO is probably wearing yoga pants to work). And it’s nothing new. Here’s The New Yorker’s Michelle Goldberg on the long marriage of mindfulness and money. (For the record, I’m not meditating, I’m vesting.)

+ Yes, exercise is good for your health. But mellow pastimes can also be beneficial.

+ Here are some photos of the largest Buddhist settlement in the world, “where 40,000 monks and nuns are segregated and televisions are banned… but iPhones are allowed.”

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