Love Roundup

It’s Valentine’s weekend, so let’s get up to speed on love stories in the news. From WaPo: How love brought Oregon’s governor to the brink of resignation. (And then over it…)

+ “In the search for her husband and his mistress, and in her long court battle with them, Zhang embarked on a journey that led her to establish what could be China’s only women’s detective agency, working on behalf of wronged wives.”

+ Warm skin. Moderate pressure. Moving at one inch per second. Neurobiologists explain how to caress.

+ Jezebel: A chat with Malcolm Brenner, a man famous for having sex with a dolphin.

+ “Lori, it’s excruciatingly embarrassing for me being here — to contemplate what people who knew me would think has been agonizing.” From The Marshall Project: Love in Solitary. (I could have used the same title for my college memoirs.)

+ Mental Floss: The history of the conversation heart.

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