WaPo’s Mark Maske sums up the Seattle Seahawks’ final offensive play of the season as “the worst play-call in Super Bowl history.” And after a morning spent listening to sportstalk radio, I can report that his description is comparatively mild and understated.

+ One play can totally change the legacies of players and teams. The NYT takes a closer look at yesterday’s interception that did just that for the Patriots and the Seahawks. And from Deadspin: The Patriots knew exactly what was coming.

+ Even with all the negative press this season, the Super Bowl still earned its best overnight ratings ever.

+ What’s your major? For most of the players on the field on Sunday, the answer to that question is: General Studies.

+ The Super Bowl was exciting, but the season was a long one for the NFL and its commissioner. GQ’s Gabriel Sherman looks back at the season from Hell: Inside Roger Goodell’s Ruthless Football Machine.