Wednesday, November 12th, 2014


Rosetta Stoned

Touchdown. After a ten year journey and a seven-hour fall, the Philae lander lived up to its name and anchored itself to the surface of a large rock 317 million miles from Earth. From The Verge: Humanity just landed a spacecraft on a comet. It's funny that when there's a big success, all of "humanity" gets credit even though most of us couldn't safely land a bottle-rocket on our driveway.

+ NYT's photo piece on landing a on a comet.

+ WaPo: The Rosetta comet landing has made history.

+ Vox: The best photos from the landing.


Gas Backwards

China and the United States are responsible for about 45% of the world's greenhouse gases, so it's a big deal when the two countries strike a deal to cap carbon emissions and dramatically increase the use of non-fossil fuels. (Someone better get a message to all those folks in the market for a new Hummer.)

+ James Fallows: "This new agreement does not mean that next year's global climate negotiations in Paris will succeed. But it means they are no longer guaranteed to fail."

+ During the APEC meetings in Beijing, China essentially turned everything off for about six days. And what a difference it made. Check out these amazing shots of Beijing's anti-pollution face-lift.


Justice Just Ain’t

"In December 2006, Tondalo Hall's boyfriend pled guilty to breaking the ribs and femur of their 3-month-old daughter. For his crime, Robert Braxton Jr. served two years in prison.
In court, prosecutors presented no evidence that Hall herself had harmed the child. But for failing to intervene against Braxton's abuse, Hall was sentenced to 30 years behind bars." From Buzzfeed's Alex Campbell: This battered woman wants to get out of prison.

+ An Alabama jury decided that Shonelle Jackson should not get the death penalty. But a judge disagreed. And now Jackson could become the first American executed despite a jury's unanimous vote for life.


The Surge Legend

"As a senior commander in Iraq and Afghanistan, I lost 80 soldiers. Despite their sacrifices, and those of thousands more, all we have to show for it are two failed wars. This fact eats at me every day." In the NYT, a retired lieutenant general shares his truth about the wars.


Almost Missed a Spot

If your job involves squeegeeing One World Trade Center windows 69 floors above the sidewalk, here is a combination of a words you'd rather not hear: scaffold dangling. The FDNY was called in to cut through a window and rescue trapped workers.

+ More dramatic photos from the Daily News.


A Target on His Back?

"I've been in the house the entire time. I'm kind of scared to go in public." That's Alex from Target talking to the NYT's Nick Bilton about the other side of Internet fame. (And he had the good kind of Internet fame...)


Cable Guy

"What you want is what everyone wants: an open Internet that doesn't affect your business. What I've got to figure out is how to split the baby." That's FCC Chairman Chairman (and former cable/telecommunications industry lobbyist) Tom Wheeler explaining that, when it comes to net neutrality, he's moving in a different direction than the one President Obama is taking.

+ 9 questions about net neutrality that you were afraid to ask.


Not Speaking in Code

"So when you're 18 and a freshman and decide to study this, you then realize everyone in the class has had exposure to this programming language for 10-plus years. It is hard to compete. On top of that, you're the only one who's black, and you're the only one who's a woman. You look around and don't see anyone who looks like you. And, you're like, Oh, I'm clearly not supposed to be here." From FastCo, an honest discussion about race in the tech industry.


Unbearable Lightness of Being

Hold the seeds and nuts. Hold the fruit. Hold the meat and dairy. You know what, just give me the kale (and please tear off the overly-edible leafy parts, I'm more of a stem person). When it comes to your dietary restrictions, can you be too healthy? According to the WSJ, the desire to eat clean can become a dangerous obsession.

+ The Atlantic: The dreadful inconvenience of salad.


The Bottom of the News

All right, get ready. We're going on the top ten chase scenes of all time.

+ Ten hours of Princess Leia walking in NYC.

+ A man was freed after spending three days stuck inside a department store wall. And in other shopping news, Radio Shack has backtracked on its plans to stay open all day on Thanksgiving after worker outcry (which removed the need for customer outcry).

+ And, the...ahem... bottom of the news.