If you live in Europe, you have the right to be forgotten. Google has already deleted around sixty thousand pieces of content from its index, after receiving at least twice as many requests. Should you have the right to be deleted? And who should decide whether your request rises above some magical bar? Jules Polonetsky, the executive director of the Future of Privacy Forum, describes the issue: “If a particular Web site is doing something illegal, that should be stopped, and Google shouldn’t link to it. But for the Court to outsource to Google complicated case-specific decisions about whether to publish or suppress something is wrong. Requiring Google to be a court of philosopher kings shows a real lack of understanding about how this will play out in reality.” The Internet is reality. And its technological advances are dramatically outpacing our ability to create a new legal framework and an updated set of acceptable social norms. From Jeffrey Toobin in The New Yorker: The Solace of Oblivion.