Change in the Weather?

Ahead of the UN’s latest summit on climate change, hundreds of thousands of people marched in NYC and in other cities around the world. Here’s some drone footage of the scene.

+ Meanwhile, China, the U.S., and India have pushed world carbon output to record levels.

+ Some leaders hope to push this summit to a new level by focusing less on the weather and more on the bottom line. They might also want to focus on the cost of mortality from pollution as shown in this Economist chart.

+ The Rockefeller family’s foundation has pledged to sell off investments in fossil fuels and re-invest in clean energy. The family made its vast fortune from oil. In this case, even the tortoise moved faster than the heirs.

+ Devils and Dust: In Matter, Alan Heathcock takes you to the heart of the California drought: “It’s then I hear the dirt bike. A young and shirtless man coasts in from the west. His eyes turn to my silver Nissan with the out-of-state rental plates. He revs his engine, lurches into a wheelie then speeds in front of me, his middle finger thrust in my direction. Welcome to the Central Valley, ground zero of the water war. Outsiders take heed for this is a troubled land.”

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