“Such a pimp move. It was, Guess what I’m gonna do? Whatever the (expletive) I want. In the world today, it’s truly impressive. That’s what makes him the best guy to work for, and why so many of us would kill for the guy. It’s very simple: Trust The ‘Stache. It’s big and powerful for a reason.” That was how one of St. Louis coach Jeff Fisher’s younger employees greeted the news that the Rams had drafted Michael Sam, now the NFL’s first openly gay player. The always excellent Michael Silver happened to be in the room when the decision came down and provides a behind-the-scenes account, including this quote from Fisher: “I know exactly what we’re getting into, and I’m not worried at all. Michael Sam will help us, and we’ll give him every chance to succeed, and you know what? It’s gonna be pretty cool.”

+ Here’s the moment that Michael Sam found out he’d been drafted. At least one NFL player didn’t like the move. Dolphins defensive back Don Jones was fined and suspended after publishing a negative tweet about Sam.

+ Michael Sam’s jersey is the second best seller among all just-drafted rookies.