Fail Whale

In his examination of the epic fails of the startup world, James Surowiecki tries to understand what attracts people to the highly risky world of Internet startups: “The fact that most new businesses fail is hardly a secret. So why are so many people gambling on ventures that are likely to end badly?” (Hint: It’s fun as hell, it beats sitting in a cubicle, you have a chance to put your work on the screens of millions of people, and you get to wear a t-shirt to work.)

+ Start-ups, along with big tech players, are often getting sports-like coverage from the media. So when a deal like Apple buying Beats gets reported, everyone watching has an immediate opinion. Including me. Here is The Next Episode: Ten Reasons Why Apple Would Buy Beats.

+ On the next crop of startup founders: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Lately, Coding.

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