Earlier this week, we learned that the SAT is about to get some major tweaks. The NYT Magazine provides the story behind the overhaul. Here’s one of the current exam’s harshest critics on the essay portion of the test: “When is there a situation in either college or life where you’re asked to write on demand about something you’ve never once thought about?” (Sounds like this guy has never been on Twitter.)

+ “For the past seven years, maybe more, dementia has drawn the curtains closed on Dean Smith’s mind. Now he is 83 and almost no light gets out. He has gone from forgetting names to not recognizing faces to often looking at his friends and loved ones with empty stares.” ESPN’s Tommy Tomlinson on a beloved coach: Precious Memories.

+ “I have accumulated no money but I accumulate a lot of happiness.” From BBC: A school dropout from a poor family in southern India has revolutionised menstrual health for rural women in developing countries by inventing a simple machine they can use to make cheap sanitary pads.