While NBC couldn’t seem to stop talking about the Olympic rings malfunction during the opening ceremonies, Russian TV didn’t show it at all. But that isn’t so bad compared to NBC’s decision to edit out a major anti-discrimination statement made by IOC president Thomas Bach. Seems like a remarkably bad decision.

+ What do the Olympics rings mean anyway?

+ Volunteers are wanted in Sochi. To fill seats. And if you choose to volunteer, you might want to wear something light. It’s a very warm Winter games.

+ A few days before my wife and I got married in Italy, we asked our wedding band to play something Jewish as we walked down the aisle. They played the theme from Schindler’s List. So it never surprises me where that song shows up. It seems to be especially popular among figure skaters.

+ Johnny Quinn’s bobsledding competition hasn’t started yet, but he’s already had plenty of action. The other day, he punched his way out of a locked bathroom. And today he got stuck in an elevator.