Family Matters

Over the weekend, the NYT continued its “coverage” of the Woody Allen/Dylan Farrow story by publishing Woody Allen’s self-scripted defense: Woody Allen Speaks Out. Are these opinion pieces really helpful or are the dueling op-eds journalistically lazy, damaging, and further proof that the news is becoming Twitter? If I have to go to Vanity Fair to get the facts behind a series of stories published by the NYT, it might be time to have a meeting.

+ No matter who’s telling the truth, there’s no doubt that child abuse is a big problem. This is a very moving and very interesting piece on the topic from Gawker: “That this darkness is actually woven into and throughout the fabric of our society — that these abusers are among us — is simply too much to bear. So the darkness is ignored except for the most distilled, theatrical, and viscerally repellent cases.”

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