According to WaPo’s Michael S. Rosenwald, smartphones are getting more sophisticated, but their owners are not. “Smartphones are confounding and intimidating, and they often wind up just using the phones as expensive cameras that can make calls — if they don’t hide the phone icon by accident.” (Basically, all you need is the phone, the camera, and the NextDraft app).

+ Maybe some people don’t learn to use all the features on their phone because they are too busy listening to streaming music. (Related: Can Beats Music challenge Spotify and Pandora?)

+ Phones and tablets are changing nearly every industry. Last quarter, 9% of Bank of America’s check transactions were conducted via mobile devices, causing the bank to rethink its brick-and-mortar branches. (Banks might also want to rethink the Windows XP software they use in their ATMs.)

+ The FTC has ordered Apple to pay “$32.5 million in refunds to parents who didn’t authorize hefty purchases racked up by their children on their iPhones and iPads.” Hopefully they’ll also reimburse the purchases I made when I was acting like a child.