Maybe the “O” in director David O. Russell’s name stands for Oscar. He is an academy award nomination machine. His movie American Hustle was nominated for Best Picture and got nods in all four acting categories. The same thing happened last year when he directed Silver Linings Playbook. And in 2010, his movie The Fighter “nabbed seven nominations, including picture and director as well as Oscar wins for Christian Bale and Melissa Leo.)”

+ Speaking of Oscar nomination machines, Meryl Streep and John Williams both got nominated again this year. That brings her total to 18, and his to 49.

+ Here’s a look at the complete list of this year’s Oscar nominations. (American Hustle and Gravity lead the pack with ten nominations a piece.)

+ The Hollywood Reporter: Who was snubbed?

+ The Wire: What are we angriest about this Oscar nomination morning?