Shake, Rattle, and Then Roll?

“Given the Security Council paralysis on this issue, if we are serious about upholding a ban on chemical weapons use, then an international response is required.” President Obama is simultaneously working to convince foreign leaders and members of Congress to back his call for a strike against Syria. Next week, he will try to convince the American people.

+ The Daily Beast on a video of Syrian rebels that made editors sick and challenged the White House. This is yet another example of how social media (especially the sharing of visual imagery) can affect political discourse.

+ WaPo’s Ezra Klein: 10 things that could go very wrong if we attack Syria.

+ Don’t know much about (Syrian) history? Here’s a very simple overview — with lots of pictures — from the explainers at The Morning News.

+ The debate over Syria is just the latest rift between Obama and Putin. That helps explain why this was the world’s most awkward handshake. Video not enough? Here’s an image by image look at the handshake.

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