By now, most kids have gone back to school. And that means, many parents have also returned to campus as room parents, school volunteers, or PTA members. But is that a good thing? In Slate, Amanda Ripley wonders whether Americans spend too much time at their kids’ schools. It turns out that parents spend less time in schools in countries where kids are doing better academically. Here’s one mother from Finland (ranked number one in science, number two in reading): “My daughters’ school does not ask me or anyone else to do anything … No money donations — never!” I’m not sure whether I spend too much time at my son’s elementary school. But I definitely plan to be his roommate when he goes to college.

+ Today, parents don’t need to be on campus to keep tabs on their kids. We can now use online tools provided by the schools to monitor attendance, homework assignments, academic performance, etc. But should we? The Atlantic’s Jessica Lahey: I will not check my son’s grades online five times a day.

+ From The New Yorker: Are sports ruining America’s schools? I’ll answer that after this weekend’s season-opening soccer game.

+ Peter Gray in Salon: School is a prison — and is damaging our kids. Welcome back, everyone!