Can two wrongs make a right? We’re about to find out. Over the weekend, Microsoft announced a $7 billion acquisition of Nokia’s handset business (along with a lot of patents) in an effort to try to turn things around for both businesses in the current mobile landscape.

+ Not sure if the new combination of Nokia and Microsoft can woo people away from Apple and Android? It might not matter. There are still millions who will upgrade from feature phones to smartphones, and Nokia could be a in a good position to gain some marketshare among those users.

+ Microsoft may have acquired a new CEO along with the rest of Nokia. If Stephen Elop is the company’s next boss, Slate’s Matthew Yglesias advises that employees should get ready to plunge 30 meters into the freezing cold waters of the North Sea.

+ How tough is it to stay on top in the tech world? In 2007, Nokia’s marketshare was 48.7%. By 2012, it was 3.5%.

+ And in 2006, Microsoft led the U.S. smartphone scene. Maybe these stats will make Blackberry feel a little better…