A few months ago while awaiting approval for a complete remodel, a homeowner across the street from my house decided to make some extra cash by renting out their place on Airbnb. The price was low. The groups of people who rented the house were young and there to party. And within a couple weeks, just about all of the neighbors were frustrated. Situations like this, in one form or another, are playing out in many places as the sharing economy meets the old way of doing things. From the LA Times, here’s a look at how Airbnb is shaking things up in Silver Lake, where some residents see rental income as a goldmine, while others are calling for a crackdown. Of course, if the renters do get forced out, they’ll need to share someone’s car to get out of town.

+ The way we live, and who we live with, really has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Consider this stat: “In 1968, just six percent of young people — between 18 and 31 — lived with platonic roommates.”

+ Here’s an “only in the Bay Area” sentence: “He showers, picks up his laundry, and goes back to his Winnebago to start coding.”