With many of today’s tennis matches struggling to get decent viewership, it’s hard to believe that fifty million Americans tuned in to watch a single match in 1973. But this was no ordinary match. Bobby Riggs vs Billie Jean King was dubbed The Battle of the Sexes: “All of the vaudevillian hoopla made it easy to forget the enormous stakes and the far-reaching social consequences. King was playing not just for public acceptance of the women’s game but also an opportunity to prove her gender’s equality at a time when women could still not obtain a credit card without a man’s signature.” Billie Jean King basically crushed Bobby Riggs. And now, four decades later, ESPN’s Don Van Natta explains how the match was fixed: Bobby Riggs, The Mafia, and the Battle of the Sexes. (Billie Jean King has responded by saying she is 100% sure Riggs wanted to win as badly as she did.)

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