Tuesday, July 16th, 2013


Lean In. Box Out.

What do a lot of female executives and power brokers have in common? According to some analysis from Ernst and Young, "the higher the executive level, the more likely it is that a woman played sport at high school or college." Should all of us parents be urging our daughters to play sports more often? That's just the question I plan to bring up at our next family board meeting -- if my 4 year-old daughter decides to call on me when I raise my hand.


Married to Children

FP's Adriana Carranca shares this disturbing piece on girls as young as five years-old who are being sold into marriage in Pakistan. And the problem is global: "10 million underage girls marry every year -- one every three seconds."


Surviving Summer

Many NextDraft readers are experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures right now. Let's give them a little relief. First, it may help to understand why certain people are more likely than others to be bitten by mosquitoes. And if you're looking for a good way to deter mosquitoes, try a fan.

+ Here's an InFocus collection of photos of hot summer days (and some folks finding ways to cool off).

+ OK, so it's hot where you are. It could be worse. You could be heading out for a 135 mile run through Death Valley. (Even that seems more pleasant than waiting for the F Train on the lower level of the West Fourth Street Station.)

+ And don't worry. That water that just dripped on you from an air conditioner is really not all that gross.


Better Brains?

"It's terrific news." That's not a phrase I see much when reading about health trends. But a pair of recent studies have shown a sharp drop in dementia rates. Experts say it confirms a suspicion "that dementia rates would fall and mental acuity improve as the population grew healthier and better educated."

+ From The New Yorker: Jenny Mccarthy's Dangerous Views. She's been hired as a new host on The View. Some worry that we'll be hearing a lot more about her anti-vaccine postions. Of course, if you are making life-decisions based on the views of people on The View, you might want to consider the host who thought the world might be flat.


Going Green (to get out of the red)

There's a new Coke label that doesn't feature the company's familiar red. Coca Cola Life (as its being marketed in other countries) has a green label and promises a more natural and healthy soda experience.

+ Coke is of course going green to get further into the black. The company's recent earnings were a disappointment. They blamed the weather. But the fact is, we're drinking less soda.

+ Everyone's going green these days. Even the Italian mafia.


Keep Your Friends Close…

What drives web reviewers to make up bad things? The answer might surprise you. A new study found "not only that the source is totally unexpected but also that the problem is much bigger than a few malicious operators." Long story short ... beware of those who love your brand. Oh, and also beware of those who write any comments on any site.


This is 40

Miguel Angel TreviƱo Morales (also known by several nicknames, including "40") has been captured by Mexican Marines. Morales is the leader of the Zetas paramilitary drug cartel. He was captured without a shot being fired -- although he was traveling in a vehicle with $2 million and nine weapons. According to one U.S. agent: "40 was the villain, the enforcer and game changer, the one who changed the landscape for Mexico, introducing unimaginable violence to the country."

+ Like a growing number of big time Mexican drug traffickers, Morales' adolescence was spent in the U.S.


You Will Be Here

Do you have any idea where you will be 285 days from now at 2pm? You probably don't. But there's a chance that a software algorithm could make a pretty accurate guess. It turns out, we're all more predictable than we think.

+ Want to keep the kids away from technology? Good luck. Some of today's babies are already wearing smart diapers.


B37: You Sank My Book Plans

Now that the Zimmerman trial is over, it's time for jurors to get their 15 minutes of fame. Juror B37 has already signed a book deal, and then canceled that book deal following an appearance on Anderson Cooper's CNN show.

+ We've already seen enough of this juror for Dahlia Lithwick to ask: Why did they let her on the Zimmerman jury?


The Bottom of the News

Wired is out with their cheat code to life: "Sneaky tricks, workarounds, and creative rule-bending to outwit the chumps and get what you want."

+ 10 lifehacks from 100 years ago.

+ This is the most expensive house in America. (If you paid this kind of money in San Francisco, you'd still probably have to settle for tandem parking.)

+ Well, since you asked: This is what it would look like if you dropped Manhattan into the Grand Canyon.