Extra, Extra

It’s Not Tapering: “A social worker and nurse practitioner demonstrated how to administer Narcan nasal spray — a potentially life-saving treatment during an opioid overdose — to a classroom of more than a dozen barber college students on the city’s South Side on Tuesday. It was part of an initiative by Rush University Medical Center to help combat the opioid crisis in typically underserved communities.” Even your barber needs training in treating opioid overdoses. This has been such a huge issue for so long and yet it gets almost no attention in political discourse. Student barbers add reversing opioid overdoses to their list of skills.

+ De Planes, De Planes: After months of training and negotiations, the first F-16 jets heading to Ukraine. As news comes out of the NATO Summit, Putin first bombed a children’s hospital and now has ordered the arrest of Yulia Navalnaya, the widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

+ Jack Ass: “A member of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s security detail shot an armed man during an attempted carjacking in the early morning hours.” The Justice wasn’t involved. It was simply a case of a carjacker picking the wrong car.

+ The Kid Stays in the Picture: Spanish soccer fans are going nuts for “Lamine Yamal, whose goal on Tuesday night put his country into the final and made him, at the tender age of 16 and already the youngest footballer to have played for Spain, the youngest man to score in the tournament’s history.” Before he scored, Yamal passed his school exams. Yamal’s rise makes this story even more incredible. “In 2007, a young Lionel Messi posed for photos with a baby in the dressing room of the Camp Nou in Barcelona for a charity calendar photoshoot. Messi, who was 20, was already making a name for himself and would go on to become arguably the greatest of all time.” But the baby was no slouch. Photos of Messi and baby Lamine Yamal resurface.

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