Extra, Extra

Hug the Throne: “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hosted by President Biden at a state dinner and lavished with praise by White House officials, who describe ties with India as ‘one of the most consequential relationships’ for the United States. But this week, Modi reminded the world that he has another close relationship — with ‘my dear friend Vladimir Putin.'” WaPo (Gift Article): Modi bear-hugs Putin in Moscow, marking deep ties between Russia and India.

+ Napoleon Complexity: “France, with its presidential system, has no culture of coalition-building compromise. ‘We know nothing of that, we are a nation of would-be Napoleons,’ said Nicole Bacharan, a political scientist.” France Learns a New Word: Ungovernable. (It’s like those French have a different word for everything.)

+ Hot Ticket: Tourists still flock to Death Valley amid searing US heat wave blamed for several deaths. “I was excited it was going to be this hot. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Kind of like walking on Mars.” (If you think it’s exciting now, just wait.) Meanwhile, in Texas, rising temperatures bring new risks to communities without electricity (and AC) after Hurricane Beryl.

+ Bud, Where’s My Car: “In 2022, more than 105,000 cars were stolen in Canada – about one car every five minutes. Among the victims was Canada’s very own federal justice minister, whose government-issued Toyota Highlander XLE was taken twice by thieves.” How Canada became a car theft capital of the world.

+ The Story is Coming Out: “I knew this day was going to come … I knew that it was going to come out, and I knew that I would be having conversations like this.” WaPo (Gift Article): Alice Munro associates say they knew of abuse. “A biographer of the Canadian writer says he was among those who knew that Munro’s daughter had been sexually abused by her stepfather.”

+ Copen Mechansism: “Tourists will be rewarded with free food and activities if they participate in environmentally friendly tasks while visiting Copenhagen, the city’s tourist board has announced.” Rewards for tourists who litter pick in Copenhagen. This is far cry from the water gun shooting response that locals in Barcelona are trying out.

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