Extra, Extra

Bleak View From the Summit: Just ahead of this week’s NATO summit, a children’s hospital in Kyiv has been hit after Russia launched a wave of missile strikes against cities across Ukraine.

+ You Can’t Handle the Truth: A two-part update from 60 Minutes provides the latest on Havana Syndrome. Is it a story we don’t want to get to the bottom of? Havana Syndrome mystery continues as a lead military investigator says bar for proof was set impossibly high.

+ Working Toward a Degree: “Some of the nation’s largest employers, including Walmart and McDonald’s, are now broaching a new frontier in higher education: convincing colleges to give retail and fast-food workers credit for what they learn on the job, counting toward a degree.”

+ Beryl Rolls: Millions without power as Beryl slams Texas.

+ Fly By Night Outfit: Boeing agrees to plead guilty and pay a nearly quarter-billion dollar fine. “The company will also be put on probation and subject to an independent compliance monitor for three years.”

+ Paramount Plus: Paramount and Skydance merge, signaling end of a family reign in Hollywood and the rise of new power. While some things in entertainment change, other things remain the same. Despicable Me 4 Rules July 4th With $122M Opening.

+ Crushing on Romance: “The shift is huge from the days when romance was looked down upon as frothy and unserious ‘chick-lit,’ or as smut. Even just a few years ago, many independent bookstores carried only a small selection of romance novels, often relegated to a shelf in the back of the store.” NYT (Gift Article): Romance Bookstores Are Booming. (People need an escape from our current reality. If I were smart, I’d turn NextDraft into a romance newsletter.)

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