Extra, Extra

Right Around the Corner: Asking a candidate to step down for the greater good. It’s a discussion in the US. It’s happening in France. French election candidates withdraw in bid to block far right.

+ Crime Spree: A day after Steve Bannon reported to prison, Rudy Giuliani was officially disbarred in New York for Trump election interference efforts. If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times: If you want to get away with crimes, run for president.

+ Hungary Games: Viktor Orban, Putin’s greatest European ally, makes first trip to Kyiv since start of war. I’m not sure what this means, but it sure is interesting.

+ Copathetic: “Sometimes a worst-case scenario is visible to the naked eye. This one was plain to see in Gregg Berhalter’s grimace at the final whistle, in the assistant coach burying his face in both hands, in Malik Tillman sprawled on his back staring at the Missourian sky, in Christian Pulisic’s disbelieving look as he shuffled off the field.” The USMNT Has No Good Options After a Disastrous Copa América.

+ Leg Drop: “When an ant injures its leg, it sometimes will turn to a buddy who will help out by gnawing the leg off, effectively performing a lifesaving limb amputation.”

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