Extra, Extra

Ticket Window: “This bill requires ticket sellers (including sellers on the secondary market) for concerts, performances, sporting events, and similar activities to clearly and prominently disclose at the beginning of the transaction, and prior to the selection of a ticket, the total ticket price for the event.” We found a rare bipartisan issue. Everyone hates not knowing what a ticket actually costs until you get to the shopping cart. (You’ll still get ripped off. You’ll just know about it earlier.)

+ Howdy Pardoner: “Daniel Perry, who was convicted of murder for fatally shooting a demonstrator during a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020, has been pardoned. The former Army sergeant had been sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing Garrett Foster in downtown Austin in July 2020. After his conviction, Gov. Greg Abbott vowed to pardon him.”

+ Slammer Time: “The man convicted of breaking into former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and attacking her husband Paul Pelosi with a hammer has been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison.”

+ Bodies Recovered: “The hostages were identified as Shani Louk, Amit Bouskila, and Itshak Gelernter … All three were killed while escaping the Nova music festival and their bodies taken into Gaza.” IDF recovers bodies of three hostages taken from Nova music festival in Gaza tunnel.

+ Breaking News “Rising out of the Bronx in the 1970s, breaking is characterised by acrobatic movements, speedy footwork and a hip-hop soundtrack, and the new addition is set to bring a party atmosphere to the French capital this summer.” Breaking has been around for so long. Can the Olympics make it a cool, new thing again? BBC: Breaking The new Olympic sport for 2024 explained.

+ Mile Eye Club: “People start to tune out. And so we wanted something that felt like you could watch over and over and over again, and still want to pay attention to.” With flyers more distracted than ever, United rolls out a rebooted safety video.

+ More: “Leading the pack is LVMH founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernard Arnault, 75, with a net worth of $222 billion.” The world’s super-rich club now has 15 members with fortunes over $100 billion.

+ Taco Truckstop: “In a bizarre incident early this morning, a 51-year-old Oakland woman was arrested after allegedly stealing a taco truck and subsequently being found by San Pablo Police Department Officers indulging in the truck’s food offerings.” This easily could’ve been me, but my glucose monitor would give me away

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