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“Reid’s growing stardom goes beyond tattoos. When he rises from the bench to check into a Timberwolves game, he receives louder applause than the starters. One of the team’s hottest giveaways this season was a Naz Reid beach towel. A local pizza shop’s ‘HONK IF YOU LOVE NAZ REID’ sign has turned the block into a cacophony of car horns. Around Minneapolis, his name has become a new lingua franca. ‘Naz Reid?’ one fan can ask another, walking down the street. ‘Naz Reid!’ comes the reply.” WSJ (Gift Article): Why 156 People Got the Name of an NBA Backup Tattooed on Their Bodies.

+ ‘The installations allow New Yorkers and people in Dublin to see and connect with each other in real time through a livestream video feed.” But that feature turns out to be a bug. The Portal art installation connecting NYC to Dublin, Ireland has been shut down.

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