Gender Reveal

In many ways, young voters were the key to the 2020 election, and the same could be true in 2024. This time around, key issues among this cohort could be an “opposition to the intensity of the Israeli attack on Hamas in Gaza and frustration with an economy many see as stacked against them.” It’s safe to say that, “the closeness of the contest between Trump and Biden puts especially heavy pressure on Biden to negotiate a cease-fire, if not a conclusion to hostilities in Gaza.” (This is true even though every piece of evidence we have suggests Trump would be worse on this—and every other— issue.) But there’s something else emerging in this group: a gender divide that one researcher describes like this: “Something more significant is going on than just new demographic patterns, such as rising rates of education or declining adherence to a religion — the change points to some kind of cataclysmal event.” This is not your father’s gender divide, or your mothers. Like every other divide in America today, the one between young men and women is historically stark. Lots of interesting datapoints in this overview from Thomas Edsall in the NYT (Gift Article): A Huge Gender Gap Is Emerging Among Young Voters.

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