Bottom of the News

“The Georgia Department of Natural Resources confirmed that someone in the Brunswick area reported a nuisance alligator on April 21 — the day Henney said Wally went missing — and that a licensed trapper was dispatched to capture it. The agency said in a statement that the gator was ‘released in a remote location,’ but stressed that it doesn’t know if the reptile was Wally.” Man says his emotional support alligator, known for its big social media audience, has gone missing.

+ “American Greetings, which offers half-birthday cards, says its research shows that 63% of consumers are celebrating less conventional occasions, such as gender-reveal parties, Galentine’s Day and half birthdays.” Half-Birthday Parties for Adults Are Now a Reason to Spend Big. (I’d laugh, but when people ask me how old I am, I answer in months.)

+ GQ: Just a Long List of Stuff That Brian Cox Hates.

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