The Bee All End All

“I noticed the first bee one afternoon as my dog gleefully chased it around the house. When the pest settled on a window by the stairwell, I swatted it with a cookbook and cleaned up the mess. Five minutes later, another bee buzzed at the same window. Then a third in my kids’ room. When I heard a loud droning coming from inside a wall next to my son’s bed, the ominous situation finally hit me: The house was infested.” So you’re house has been infested by insects that no one will kill. Who you gonna call? NYT (Gift Article): Honeybees Invaded My House, and No One Would Help.

+ “Saylor had complained of ‘monsters in the wall’ of her room at their farmhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her mother, Ashley Massis Class, and her husband thought nothing of it. They had after all just shown their daughter the Pixar movie, Monsters, Inc.” A little girl said monsters were in her bedroom. It was 60,000 bees.

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