Feel Good Friday

There may be no greater joy than witnessing 300 children erupt into simultaneous delirium upon learning they will be receiving free reading buddy teddy bears. See for yourself.

+ A one-shot vaccine for COVID, flu and future viruses? Researchers say it’s coming.

+ She secretly educated herself to escape Afghanistan. Now, she’s working to help women still there.

+ A baby had no home after a stay in the NICU. Her nurses adopted her.

+ “DonnaJean Wilde planks while she’s reading. She planks while she’s checking her phone and emails, too. The 59-year-old from Alberta, Canada has mastered planking so much that she broke the women’s Guinness World Record for the longest time in an abdominal plank position.” Grandmother of 12 breaks Guinness World Record by planking for 4.5 hours.

+ Got tinnitus? A device that tickles the tongue helps this musician find relief.

+ WaPo: Biden limits oil drilling across 13 million acres of Alaskan Arctic.

+ NYT (Gift Article): “Elaine Hall and Roland Passaro, both 88, met in junior high school in 1950 but lost touch before acting on their connection. They finally did, five decades later.” A High School Reunion Reignites a 50-Year Crush. I had a crush on my wife in high school. But it only took me 10 years after graduation to make a move.

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