Have you ever had the thought, “The world would be so much better if only there were more people like me?” Well, be careful what you wish for. The world of deepfakes doesn’t just apply to celebrities. Anyone who shares videos online can be victimized by increasingly easy to use technologies. One influencer recently found herself pitching a product for ED. “The commercial showed Janse — a Christian social media influencer who posts about travel, home decor and wedding planning — in her real bedroom, wearing her real clothes but describing a nonexistent partner with sexual health problems.” WaPo (Gift Article): AI hustlers stole women’s faces to put in ads. The law can’t help them. There are really two problems here: The speed at which these technologies are advancing, and the sluggishness with which the law is responding.

+ Generative video has good and bad aspects. Either way, it’s coming to a screen near you. MIT Tech Review: What’s next for generative video.