“The vote to merge the blank check company with the Trump Media & Technology Group came during a special meeting of DWAC stockholders. The now-approved plan will allow Trump’s company, which operates the Truth Social social media site, to take over DWAC’s listing on the Nasdaq within days or weeks.” Donald Trump is set for a $3 billion paper windfall. It may not solve his current cash crunch. Seriously, who would invest in this garbage? You get to put money into a shell company led by the world’s most famous failing fraudster that includes a money hemorrhaging social network with only one prolific poster? I’d rather invest in something safer like Shohei Ohtani’s interpreter.

+ Speaking of Trump’s assets, his lawyers argued there was no way he could come up with the dough to pay his NY fraud fine. Yet, on the aforementioned Truth Social, Trump just claimed he has $500 million in cash. (One way or another, through shell company investments or pseudo-political donations, the the MAGA crowd is gonna end up footing the bill for this creep.)